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Digital mapping product launches for builders

Digital Map Products, a Costa Mesa, California based developer of Web GIS software applications, has launched a new digital mapping product for the builder and land developer market. The new mapping software, LandVision, combines mapping, access to detailed site and property information, customization and project management workflow in a Web-based interface. It enables builders and developers a way to identify, qualify and acquire prime locations for development.

Using LandVision, development professionals and acquisition teams can visually navigate through maps to explore terrain, analyze land opportunities using segmentation data sources such as demographics and sub-market boundaries, and search for properties that meet certain requirements such as parcel size, location, land use and value. LandVision enables users to identify specific target parcels to pursue for acquisition. New capabilities include the ability to save, refine, edit and sort this target list of properties. Builders can use the ThemeActive ParcelNotes function to track contact history with the landowners over time, and study what their competitors are building with the ThemeActive BuilderSites function.