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Digital mapping of crimes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Costa Rica took the first steps towards the “311” programme. It aims to consolidate reports of crimes by citizens onto a digital map that will be part of an information database to allow authorities to make decisions regarding the deployment of officers and increased surveillance.

The Costa Rica Government will be incorporating the popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter into its plan. According to the “Plan de Gobierno Digital” the project would be in place by 2014.

This crime mapping initiative in Costa Rica is inspired by the crime mapping in New York City. In New York City, the city’s 122 police precincts are linked to the 311 system so they can monitor so-called “quality of life” incidents and which might be handled by another agency, but have a criminal connection. All calls are tracked, and they can be analysed by time-of-day, agency and other criteria to help spot trends. If a call results in an incident entry, the caller is given a tracking number for their call, and are told they can call back later for a disposition, which is entered by the handling agency.

Source: insidecostarica.com