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Digital mapping camera delivers unparalleled, superior digital imagery

Z/I Imaging Corporation, an Intergraph Company, announced that Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (KKC) has purchased the Z/I Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) system, which helps companies improve productivity by providing a complete digital workflow for data acquisition that includes mission planning, sensor management, digital imagery processing, photogrammetric software and a client/server image management, storage and distribution system. A geomatics firm in Japan, KKC provides engineering and consulting services on a wide variety of construction-related projects and GIS implementations, primarily dealing with government, municipal offices and overseas engineering projects. The quality of the data derived from the DMC is superior to that captured by conventional analogue cameras. DMC has very high geometric accuracy and can capture and store more than 2,000 images per flight, at panchromatic, color (R, G, B) and near infrared spectra.

Z/I Imaging’s DMC is distinctive in that it uses a modular design based on Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) matrix (frame) sensors to achieve high geometrical resolution together with multispectral capabilities. The system is comprised of eight simultaneously operating CCD cameras, including four parallel cameras generating multispectral imagery for the acquisition of color composites and four converging panchromatic cameras acquiring imagery that is digitally interweaved in order to form a single high-resolution image. This multi-camera technique provides color composite and panchromatic imagery with the same ground coverage. The sensor model of the DMC is based on the central perspective image, which allows processing of data in all existing exploitation systems.