Digital map to save forests

Digital map to save forests


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh government is going to develop a digital map of the country’s forest to build a stronger forest monitoring system. Dr. Hasan Mahmud, State Minister for Environment and Forests, said “Once we have a digital mapping of the forests, we can monitor if forests are destroyed anywhere just sitting in the ministry or the forest department. We don’t need to go to the spots physically.”

The digital mapping will be done under the Forest Information Generation and Networking System project worth BDT 8.27 crore, said Mahmud. He added that mapping will play a very positive role in protecting forests. The trustee board, which is the authority to approve projects from the Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF), has approved the project.

The board also approved the project Aforestation in the Coastal Areas to Mitigate Adverse Effects on Climate Change project worth BDT 19.9 crore and Land Reclamation by Constructing Cross-dam in Char Mainka, Char Islam and Char Mantaz project in Bhola, worth BDT 24.37 crore.

Source: The Daily Star