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Digital Map Products launches new version of CityGIS

California, 12 June 2006 – Digital Map Products announced the release of a new version of CityGIS. CityGIS is a premier web-based, data rich mapping suite of solutions that is targeted towards state and local governments.

A pioneer in integrating data with aerial maps and property information over the internet to improve decision-making, Digital Map designed CityGIS as an alternative to complicated and expensive traditional GIS solutions. CityGIS succeeds as “GIS as a Service” by providing faster deployment time, lower total cost of ownership, ease of use and ease of access, regular and seamless updates of software and data, and a highly customizable, yet compatible solution.

Digital Map developed the new version of CityGIS as a suite of solutions that provide map-based workflows to a wider cross-section of state and local governments. One of the solutions, CodeEnforcement, enhances community code work by leveraging the power of maps and data in an easy-to-use online application. Digital Map’s CodeEnforcement module for CityGIS enables local governments to more efficiently manage the work involved in code oversight and enforcement.