Digital Map Products inks deals with ZipRealty and CoStar Group

Digital Map Products inks deals with ZipRealty and CoStar Group


Santa Ana, USA, August16, 2007: Digital Map Products announced it has added ZipRealty and CoStar Group to its growing list of clients choosing ParcelStream. Digital Map Products (DMP) debuted its ParcelStream web service late last year as part of Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions’ Cyberhomes . Since then, there has been a tremendous response to the company’s cost-effective solution for the acquisition and visualization of parcel boundaries.

“Street centerlines and aerial imagery just don’t tell the whole story. The visualization of actual property boundaries is quickly becoming the standard for map-based web applications dealing with real property,” said Jim Skurzynski, president and founder of DMP, a pioneer provider of visual data content and Internet-based business applications for real estate and government.

“With parcel-level content, you have much greater visual information on which to base your decisions. Additionally, when searching for properties based upon parcel accuracy you are placed directly over your target property, not at an extrapolated location along the street like in most web-based applications today. That’s critical when you are a serious real estate professional trying to understand a property’s true value, or a city planner performing zone change notifications.”

“When it comes to collecting parcel content, there are currently very few options,” said Jamie Wilson, vice president of product development for ZipRealty, the largest Internet-based real estate brokerage. “We found ParcelStream to be the best solution out there and a more cost effective solution than building it in house.”

DMP has been building its databases since 1996, specializing in collecting parcel geometry on a county-by-county basis, navigating both the legal and the technical complexities presented by these public databases. “Our goal has always been to remove as many of the obstacles to this data as possible thus making the data more available and accessible by our customers,” said Skurzynski.