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Digital map of Yemen’s capital to be developed

Yemen: An estimated YR20 billion, or $93 million, has been dedicated to develop municipal infrastructure in Sana’a, including building bridges, sanitation facilities and paving streets. Half of that YR20 billion will be used building something less concrete, but perhaps just as important for future development—a digital map of the city.

Waleed Rase, the projects coordinator in the capital secretariat, imagines that mapping the city will lead to full scale improvements in Sana’a. It will provide a much-needed comprehensive database, including names and locations of streets, traffic circles, administrative buildings and schools.

The digital map will aid later developments, hopefully meeting the needs of residents, said Rase.

These projects represent two years worth of the YR10 billion earned by the secretariet from taxation and revenues, Najeeb Al-Hadad, the general manager of the financial resources in Sana’a said.

Much of the development implemented by the capital secretariat is implemented by the state. However, the city’s digital mapping will be carried out by the municipality.

Abdulraqeeb Ata, the manager of the public works office, was optimistic about the project.

This project will make Yemenis proud of their capital city, he said.

Source: Yemen Times