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Digital map database provider adds dynamic weather content

Tele Atlas, a worldwide provider of digital map databases and real-time traffic information in the United States, and Meteorlogix, the world’s largest commercial weather services provider, announced that the two companies will work together to deliver real-time, location-specific weather information. Tele Atlas will combine Meteorlogix’s sophisticated technology, which forecasts weather-specific incidents down to one square kilometer, with its digital map database, Tele Atlas True Time Maps and real-time traffic information. Meteorlogix real-time weather feeds will be incorporated with Tele Atlas’ location codes to power applications that can track and forecast storm cells to a specific road segment. This will enable applications to reroute and also calculate revised travel times based on weather and consequent road conditions. Weather information will be forecasted in three-hour increments.

The integration of dynamic weather content with Tele Atlas’ turn-by-turn digital map database and real-time traffic information offers more accurate travel time forecasting. This dynamic content will enable alerting services to deliver specific road conditions at certain times en route, forecast total travel time based on road conditions, estimate safe, relative travel speeds and reroute or calculate new travel times. Meteorlogix and Tele Atlas can power applications that enable improved field force management by alerting outdoor work crews of forthcoming adverse weather conditions based on address information. Location-enabled phones, wireless PDAs and telematics/navigation systems will be able to identify users’ locations and expected weather and traffic situations they could encounter. The delivery of this dynamic, actionable data will allow users to make better and more informed decisions based on real-time weather and travel information.

Tele Atlas is a worldwide provider of digital maps. Its North American subsidiary is based in Menlo Park, California. The company enables its customers’ successes through unsurpassed leadership in delivering both high-quality digital maps and real-time traffic information for business and consumer applications. Tele Atlas focuses on providing content to key market sectors including Telematics/Automotive Navigation, Location Based Services (LBS), and GIS. Meteorlogix is a portfolio company of VS&A Communications Partners III, LP, the billion-dollar equity affiliate of Veronis Suhler Stevenson. Based in Minneapolis, the company delivers industry-specific weather management capabilities for its customers to manage weather-related business risks, maximize personal safety and minimize financial loss. Meteorlogix serves more than 22,000 customers with a focus on public safety, broadcast media, transportation, and energy and aviation industries. Its client roster includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Reuters, Bloomberg, Union Pacific Railroad, Tennessee Valley Authority, US Airways, CBS-owned WBBM-TV, City of Orlando and Travelocity.