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Digital ground mapping system for Chinese Army

China: People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China, got a new digital ground mapping information system. According to Liu Fengqi from PLA, it aims to make battlefield visible and transparent.

The system is made up of several mobile shelters including mapping, environmental simulation and satellite positioning. It can display not only three-dimensional geographic information, but real-time track. It can also display the dynamic positions of the troops and main battle equipment.

During an offensive and defensive drill on a winter training ground of a division under the Shenyang Military Area Command, the electronic combat situation map on the large screen turned into 3D images in a twinkling, displaying the real-time images in divided frequency.

Commander Liu said, “Although the snow has added difficulty to battlefield reconnaissance and target indication, we can reveal the snow-covered landform by checking the previous 3D geographical information data. This not only ensures the accuracy of every move of the troops, but can enable the command post to realise dynamic, high-efficient and precise command to the troops.”

Source: www.defpro.com