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Digital Globe offers civil government customers up-to-date imagery solutions

Digital Globe announced the availability of a civil government solution comprised of a two-foot 1″= 400′ scale color digital orthorectified imagery product, as well as a subscription program and a civil government license. The product specifications, pricing and licensing are all tailored to U.S. civil government requirements and standard operational procedures to better meet the needs of this sector’s existing operational flow. The current, affordable orthoimagery of over 1,000 cities and counties is being offered for immediate order. All orthoimagery of these communities and surrounding areas is less than one year old, at a ground resolution of two feet and a scale of 1″ = 400′. The images are cloud-free, natural color, seamlessly mosaicked, and produced in the map projection and datum of choice. Digital Globe is offering this current orthoimagery at a substantial discount. Additionally, Digital Globe can be contracted to collect new imagery to meet specific project schedules. Digital Globe’s subscription program offers civil government customers substantial discounts in obtaining regular imagery updates over their area of interest. Regular imagery updates help civil government customers with GIS map updating, city planning, and growth monitoring. DigitalGlobe also offers a civil government license, which provides customers the flexibility to share data among all levels and departments of government, as well as private entities involved in government projects. This allows organizations to combine budgets to purchase and share the product. Benefits of the civil government solution include:

  • Current imagery – all collected within the last year
  • Cloud-free imagery
  • Cities and counties starting from $4,999.00
  • Off-the-shelf imagery depicting over 1,000 cities and counties throughout
    the U.S. available for immediate production and delivery
  • Regular updates offered at a substantial discount
  • Flexible license for data sharing