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“Digital farming” appears in rural areas of Shanghai

Farmers can now turn on their computers, log onto a digital remote monitoring platform, and operate their farms remotely through remote sensing, thanks to GIS and a satellite positioning system. This new farming technique, has already become a reality in Shanghai. The Songjiang Branch and Jinshan Branch of the Shanghai Agricultural Science Museum, located in Wuku Demonstration Zone of Songjiang Modern Agriculture Region and Langxia Town of Jinshan District, respectively, officially opened to the public recently.

Reporters learned at the inauguration ceremony of the museum that computerized “digital farming” has been already implemented on some farms in Shanghai. Farmers turn on their computers at home and can type in vegetable names into a computer system. Using a mouse they can click on a specific plot and computers will automatically determine recommended usage amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients according to the nutrient conditions of the soil, which helps achieve precision in fertilization.

Even when away from home, this remote control procedure can be completed through the telephone. “Professional soil testing equipment figures out soil properties and then transfers the data to a computer for analysis. Through comparison of actual fertility against standard fertility, farmers are able to carry out tailored fertilization on specific plots,” an official of the museum said.

“Digital farming” has already been applied in Langxia Town of Jinshan District.