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‘digital-earth.eu’ urges for geo-media in schools

Salzburg, Austria: Partners of digital-earth.eu, a collaboration among a wide range of organisations dealing with geoinformation in school education from across Europe, started lobbying to include geo-media in European education through the Digital Agenda for Europe initiative (https://ec.europa.eu/information_society/digital-agenda/).

Founded in 2009, currently digital-earth.eu has 76 partners in 22 countries, including schools, teacher education and training institutions as well as national Ministries of Education and European associations. The second digital-earth.eu conference is scheduled to be held in Manchester, UK, during April 11 – 15, 2012. During the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to further develop learning and teaching strategies within digital-earth.eu, Special Interest Groups and to take part in the Geographical Association Conference on April 13th and 14th.

The digital-earth.eu project “Needs Analysis Report” confirmed that in European education, there has been little or no attention to using emerging geo-spatial technologies in European schools. There are some national and European pilot projects, but large-scale implementation is so far lacking. As a result lobbying led to meetings between representatives of EUROGEO and ESRI-Europe and the office of Commissioner Kroes in March 2012. Members of the digital-earth.eu project were invited to present a pilot project to the Commission for consideration. A follow up is planned.

Digital-earth.eu at the World Geospatial Forum

Karl Donert (digital-earth.eu, EUROGEO) and Josef Strobl (Z_GIS, Salzburg) will present papers at the Geospatial World Forum 2012 in Amsterdam. This is a major worldwide event for the geospatial industry, where stakeholders such as solution providers, policy makers and users will discuss, debate and interact on the future of the industry under the theme ‘Geospatial Industry & World Economy’. A presentation of the activities of the digital-earth.eu Network in influencing European policy is scheduled in a seminar on the ‘geospatial industry and the Digital Agenda for Europe’.

New members, especially from countries that are not yet included, are highly welcome to join the network. Find information on the network and how to join at www.digital-earth.eu .

Source: www.digital-earth.eu