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Digital data technologies selected as a

Digital Data Technologies, an enterprise-wide geographical information systems mapping and software company, has announced that it is one of the initial companies designated as “stops” along the eCorridor, the Ohio Department of Development program designed to promote technology entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the state.

Targeted at a variety of audiences including Ohio business, the state’s current and future labor force, growing businesses outside Ohio and venture capital firms, the eCorridor program’s goal is to assure a vibrant economic future by positioning Ohio as an environment rich with opportunity for business success. The eCorridor program demonstrates the fact that a corridor of the new economy runs throughout Ohio today, and companies within the state are capitalizing on the opportunities Ohio affords.

Companies identified as “stops” along the eCorridor are evidence of Ohio’s economic strength. They are organizations committed to excellence in enterprise and innovative thought, are in emerging technologies, or are making investments in state-of-the-art equipment.