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Digital Angel signs agreement with BI Inc. to supply GPS-based offender tracking systems

Digital Angel Corp. announced formation of a partnership with BI Incorporated, one of the nation’s largest offender-monitoring firms, to supply GPS-based tracking products for the criminal justice field under a long-term agreement.

The satellite-based systems will utilize Digital Angel Corp.’s GPS and wireless technology platforms and state-of-the-art network hosting operations centers.

The agreement gives BI Incorporated, a leading provider of electronic monitoring and treatment services for community-based parolees and probationers, rights to incorporate Digital Angel Corp.’s advanced GPS technology and wireless platforms into products that will allow continuous 24/7 monitoring of offenders who are under community supervision.

The Digital Angel product will complement BI Incorporated’s current monitoring solutions, including the HomeGuardä 200 electronic monitoring system that monitors the absence or presence of an offender in the home; VoiceIDä, a voice verification system that monitors offender schedules through a series of calls daily; and Sobrietorä, a remote alcohol testing device which relays results via the phone. Each of these devices helps ensure that offenders comply with court or agency sanctions, resulting in improved public safety.

The GPS system’s availability dates and specific features will be released later this year.