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Digital Aerolus lunches new indoor drone for disinfection of businesses

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The US-based Digital Aerolus has come up with first indoor drone with germicidal C-band ultraviolet (UVC) emitters at 265nm.With this, the company has created a remote and mobile disinfection method for essential businesses.

The company’s industrial drones does not need GPS or external sensors to fly indoors, helping the drones to operate in areas where other drones are unable to fly, that include confined areas.

Digital Aerolus’ Aertos 120-UVC combines industrial drone technology with UVC emitters, that permits businesses to quickly position disinfection tactics remotely, without putting any human being at risk.

Since past few weeks, the company pivoted to launch a new drone with UVC LED emitters, as a tool to reduce the escalation of pathogens for those working at essential businesses. The Aertos 120-UVC can be useful in critical areas like Grocery stores, healthcare facilities, warehouses among others.

“As this global crisis has unfolded, we’ve been committed to developing an innovative and accessible solution to wage war against COVID-19 and mitigate the risk to humans worldwide,” said Digital Aerolus co-founder Jeff Alholm.

He went on to add, “Like many others, we are innovating to combat this horrible virus, and we’re focused on how we can use our unique technology to deliver pathogen-killing energy in challenging environments. Using UVC energy to disinfect isn’t new, but our delivery method is. The method matters, because it helps to keep people safe amid a pandemic.”

Digital Aerolus will make Aertos 120-UVC available in volume in May though its partners and resellers.