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Digital aerial photography of the Netherlands

Recently Aerodata Internatioal Surveys successfully completed the countrywide digital aerial data acquisition of the Netherlands. The imagery will be used to produce a seamless orthophoto database of an area of 40.000 km2 and was acquired in a period of only 6 weeks time. Aerodata’s digital camera UltraCam-D simultaneously recorded the colour and colour-infrared imagery and was mounted in the fast Fairchild Merlin survey aircraft. The colour orthophoto mosaic at 40 cm ground resolution will be colour balanced and shows a very high level of detail. The use of the digital camera leads to significant improvement of the final product with respect to image clarity, brightness, contrast and visibility of details in shadow areas. With this product Aerodata sets a new standard for countrywide digital orthophoto databases. The complete product will be finished early 2006 and from then on the complete dataset or parts of it can be delivered to clients under the brand name aeroGRID NL2005.