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Dialogic releases new version of GIS-driven software for emergency notification

Franklin, USA, 27 December 2006 – Dialogic Communications Corporation (DCC), a company providing emergency notification technology, has announced the release of GeoCast Web, version 1.4.

This release of the company’s GIS-driven software for emergency notification delivers expanded functionality and a number of new features, beneficial to users in both the public and private sectors.

One of the major enhancements to Dialogic’s GeoCast Web is the addition of a Public Registration page. This feature expands map-based communications to include people with unpublished numbers, as well as those with cell or satellite phones. To receive automated notifications, residents simply opt-in by submitting their contact information through a secure website. This data is then downloaded from GeoCast Web and submitted for geocoding, a process which essentially ties these numbers to the appropriate area map(s).

Other modifications include a 60% larger map viewing area and the importation of .wav files for message delivery. The new Notification Alert Recipient feature automatically informs select individuals (e.g., officials, management, etc.) by phone or email that a notification is underway. GeoCast Web, version 1.4, also offers enhanced text-to-speech capabilities, automatically converting typed messages to voice at the time of activation.

GeoCast Web enables users to communicate with any number of individuals, based on location, for both critical and routine events. The software, accessible using any web browser, is ideal for large-scale communications related to inclement weather, evacuations and missing persons, as well as public announcements. It utilizes ESRI’s ArcIMS technology, the industry-standard in GIS, allowing users to view their particular digital, street-level maps, identify targeted notification areas and monitor communications from virtually any location.

– About Dialogic Communication Corporation (DCC)
Dialogic Communications Corporation (DCC), a PlantCML company, is a leader in emergency notification technology. The company’s on-site and hosted solutions are used by hundreds of public and private organizations everyday, ensuring their communications readiness for virtually any critical or routine situation. Dialogic was established in 1982, and is located in Franklin, USA. To learn more about the company’s complete notification solution, visit www.dccusa.com.