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DiaDiem to launch GPS based pilot project

Vietnam: The provider of mapping and location-based information for Vietnam, DiaDiem launched its pilot program at a press briefing. The Ho Chi Minh City-based company unveiled a new system, the first of its kind in Vietnam, that integrates the global positioning system (GPS) and touch screen devices inside a vehicle with the ability to communicate with a mobile phone or website.

The system is expected to officially hit the market in June with possibly the two largest taxi companies in town. However, Thang declined to comment in detail about the deal. The new system focuses on three different perspectives: the customer, call center and taxi.

The customer will first use a website, a mobile application or an SMS message to place a taxi pickup order. The website will be launched by DiaDiem later. The order placing process is conducted with the support of a DiaDiem software via a transmission medium (SMS, GPRS or Wi-Fi).

Thanks to a server application, the call center can pinpoint the location of all their taxis along with the customer’s pickup location. Then the center can find the closest taxi carrying the device with the software and send out a pickup message. Thus, drivers and passengers can come together as quickly as possible.