Dhaka unveils digital map of financial services

Dhaka unveils digital map of financial services


Dhaka: The Government of Bangladesh has launched the “Financial Access Map” to increase people’s access to financial services. People would now be able to locate their desired banks and other financial services outlets across the country through this map.

Bangladesh Bank, Microcredit Regulatory Authority and, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation jointly arranged a programme titled “A Digital Map of Financial Services in Bangladesh” in Dhaka to launch the system.

“Using GIS analysis to assess the spatial distribution of bank branches, ATMs, agents, and other financial access points, we can generate analysis that can be of great operational value to the commercial sector, the public sector, and for guiding regulatory policy,” said Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman.

People can access the financial services by visiting fspmaps.com, which is an interactive web application to visualise countrywide financial access and generate accessibility statics. This tool can be used to identify gaps in access to financial services and to design policy and informed decision-making.

Source: Dhaka Tribune