DG’s satellite imagery for Chinese navigation companies

DG’s satellite imagery for Chinese navigation companies


New York, US: DigitalGlobe (DG) announced it is supplying the digital imagery for enhanced navigation solutions from three Chinese companies: China Mobile, YF International and Hazens.

The opportunity to supply imagery to China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator with more than 500 million subscribers, is a significant development for the company and for next generation mobile navigation solutions in the region, according to Rafay Khan, DigitalGlobe’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales.

DG’s satellite imagery will be used in China Mobile’s turn-by-turn navigation service, GIS/fleet management service and standalone map viewer offering. The imagery will be coupled with map content from China’s largest navigation map provider, NavInfo, and delivered as an enhanced service to China Mobile subscribers.

YF International, China’s leading personal navigation solution provider, will integrated DG’s satellite imagery within the company’s ACCO personal navigation device and the Golden Dolphin aftermarket embedded car navigation system. Hazens, China’s leading PC-based navigation supplier, will integrate DG’s imagery in its next generation Car Personal Computer. The solution combines hardware, software and digital imagery in an embedded PC for automotive navigation.

Source: DigitalGlobe