DG’s Advanced Ortho Series of products available now

DG’s Advanced Ortho Series of products available now


US: DigitalGlobe (DG) announced the availability of its new Advanced Ortho Series of products. Ortho Vision line is designed for professional users in need of quality images for analysis and identification. Ortho Vision Premium imagery is tailored for users in need of the highest possible aesthetics. Images classified as Ortho Vision Premium will feature less than 3% cloud cover, geometric breaks less than one meter and tonally balanced imagery in addition to no haze, pollution or fog.

Both the Vision and Vision Premium products are further segmented by levels of accuracy – Display (25.4 m CE90), Mapping (10.2 m CE90) and Precision (4.2 m CE90) – allowing users to select the accuracy level required for their applications.

“DigitalGlobe has long been a leader in providing orthorectified imagery. With the rollout of this new Advanced Ortho Series, we are able to deliver imagery with industry-leading quality and consistency as well as unmatched resolution and accuracy,” said John Oechsle, DigitalGlobe’s executive vice president of strategy and product.
Higher throughput and faster turnaround time allow for mass deliveries of orthorectified imagery required for large projects or areas of interest. With the capability to process one million square kilometres of imagery per day – an area equivalent to the size of Egypt – Vision products can be processed and delivered in as little as 2 days.

Source: DigitalGlobe