Home News Devise to track stolen cars via satellite being developed in India

Devise to track stolen cars via satellite being developed in India

Imagine your car has been stolen and all that you need to do is to sit in front of a PC and make it ’immovable’ wherever it may be. Sounds improbable but a new device being developed by Bangalore-based MobiApps in India can make this happen. MobiApps is a provider of hybrid terrestrial and satellite technologies for commercial communications. Sensing market opportunities in improved communication networks, and growing population of cars, MobiApps is planning to introduce this yet-to-be-named device next year.

The MobiApps device, which will sit inside the vehicle, will essentially stops the car engine from functioning by taking instructions from a satellite-based communications network. In addition, it will also be able to monitor fuel-level, oil and gas level in the vehicle, tyre pressure, brake fluids and other essential resources in real-time.

The device is based on the company’s telematics platform. Telematics enables remote access to vehicle data over a wireless network. MobiApps offers hybrid communication products using converged wireless communications technologies such as 802.11, GPRS, CDMA, and ORBCOMM’s Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system to provide global communications capabilities to a number of industrial applications such as containers, heavy equipment, marine vehicles, light motor vehicles or any movable asset.