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Detection Services, Rezatec join hands for Hunter Water

Detection Services has joined hands with Rezatec with an agreement to use the latter’s satellite technology to monitor environmental changes and potential structural at Hunter Water’s Grahamstown Dam in Australia. The dam is Hunter’s largest drinking water storage, that can hold up to 182,000 million litres of water. Detection Services has been engaged by Hunder Water to provide an asset monitoring program to identify hotspots of soils saturations, vegetation growth, terrain movement, moisture levels and structural movement.

Rezatec’s technology, while using sophisticated analysis of satellite derived imagery and geospatial data, allows a risk-based approach to assess Grahamstown Dam. This has helped in delivering two-year retrospective trend analysis, along with the millimetre precision. This technology helps dam owners and engineers to look at changes and trends over time.

This technology also helps in identifying abnormal activity. Geospatial technology plays a very importanat role in addressing asset repairs, operational and infrastructure issues, while working on the capital improvement and sustainability programs providing right value to Hunter Water.

As per Hunter Water’s Dams Safety Engineer, Daniel Turnbull, “When we found out about Rezatec’s innovative monitoring service via Detection Services we were very excited about the capability to improve how we monitor our assets. Their analytics are very accurate and were able to detect movements associated with historical works that had taken place, that Rezatec had no knowledge of. We are also able to see trends of movement at more frequent intervals than would be practical with traditional survey techniques, all achieved with zero risk to on-site personnel.”

Detection Services and Rezatec help in sharing satellite imagery, geospatial data and cloud-based analytics to ato help in assessing their ground-based assets and mission critical infrastructure. The company is capable to to capitalise on therising demand to provide utilities to prioritise investment in the right place at the right time, encourage value of their assets and encourage decisions to bring success to their customers’ infrastructure management goals.