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Detailed street level maps of Taiwanese cities available

Maporama has announced the availability of detailed street level maps of Taiwanese cities, covering more than 4,500 miles of digitally mapped roads, including Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, as well as T’aoyuan and Chun. In addition to its exclusive coverage of Hong Kong and Singapore, Maporama also becomes the only global provider of location-centric applications to offer detailed street-level maps of cities of Taiwan.

All the new data is totally integrated with Maporama Unified Database and thus accessible from all Maporama’s products, in particular the company’s suite of products Maporama Enterprise Solutions and its development tools Maporama Web Services and Maporama Application Programming Interface Library (MAPIL).

Prepared in collaboration with Navigation Technologies, this evolution of Maporama Unified Database – the world’s most complete cartographic database – confirms Maporama’s global leadership in terms of geographic coverage.