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Detailed maps of Czech cities available

Maporama, the provider of online location-centric applications, recently announced the availability of detailed street level maps of four new Czech cities. This evolution of Maporama’s geographic coverage was prepared in collaboration with Navigation Technologies. In addition to the capital city Prague, available at Maporama since 2001, Maporama now offers detailed street-level maps of the second largest city, Brno, as well as urban agglomerations of Pilsen, Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), and Ostrava. Ain total, Maporama’s customers localize down to the street over two million of Czech consumers.

The data newly added to Maporama’s cartographic databases includes also major streets and roads in 10 other Czech cities (Hradec Králové, Liberec, Ceské Budejovice…) as well as points of interest such as gas stations and hotels. This data is totally integrated within Maporama Unified Database and thus accessible from any Maporama product, in particular the company’s suite of professional products Maporama Enterprise Solutions. For example, companies with business activities covering the Czech Republic now exploit this new coverage to cut travel-related costs and increase customer visits of their mobile sales force, follow in real-time their vehicle fleets to eliminate non- productive travel distance, reduce their sales cycle by guiding consumers to the closest outlet having a specific product on stock.