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Detailed map of Costa Rica to be available

Local mapping experts say they are working on a map of Costa Rica that is up to ten times more detailed than any current map now available and will be the first official map that will be available in digital format. Alexander González, coordinator del Programa de Regulación del Catastro y Registro de Costa Rica, explained that the map will be made up of aerial photos that will detail forest areas and mangroves, streets, farms, hones and including rivers and smaller tributaries.

The map is expected to be a tool with many uses, says González, adding that it can be useful in property registration, locating water mains and sewers and bettering road transportation in the country.

The programme of elaborating a detailed map began with the need for a better security of property rights, to have a better and more exact description of properties registered and location of same.

Esteban Gutiérrez, assistant technician for the Registro de Costa Rica, said that there currently is no official cadastral mapping, causing problems with the delineation of property and identifying the use. The programme allows a better identification of the properties and uses. The map is expected to be completed and available to the public by the end of 2009. The map will be first available in digital format after authorities define its conditions of use and distribution.

Gutiérrez explained that the current official map is based on photos taken in the last century and for the new map, the first item on order, was to take new and colour photos. The new photos of the rural areas are on a scale of 1:25.000, while the photos of the urban areas are of 1:6.000.