Department of Survey, Brunei to launch `Guidebook on the Borders of Mukims...

Department of Survey, Brunei to launch `Guidebook on the Borders of Mukims and Villages in Brunei Darussalam’


Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, 22 November 2006 – Brunei will be joining other countries in celebrating the World Geographic Information System (GIS) Day with the launch of its own GIS Day on November 29, Surveyor General of Brunei, Hj Mohd Jamil Hj Mohd Ali, announced at a press conference held at the Department of Survey.

The launching of GIS Day is expected to be officiated by Minister of Development, Pehin Dato Seri SetiaAwg Hj Abdullah, at the premises of the Ministry of Development. Hj Mohd Jamil said the GIS Day is celebrated to create awareness among children and the public on the usage of GIS and how geography can bring changes in our life through the usage of GIS.

As the department is responsible for issuing maps, it feels it important to introduce GIS to the public and hopes to carry out GIS Day as an annual event like in other countries, Hj Mohd Jamil added.

In conjunction with the event, the Department of Survey will also be launching its first publication, `Guidebook on the Borders of Mukims and Villages in Brunei Darussalam’, on the same day. The guidebook will be handed over to district officers of the four districts who will then distribute it to ‘penghulus’ and villages heads throughout the nation.

The publication is a result of fieldwork executed by the department along with village heads and ‘penghulus’ in the country. The book will serve as a guide for ‘penghulus’ and village heads to identify their villages or ‘mukim’ borders.

It will also help them in administrative responsibilities such as in identifying their respective villagers during distribution of dates during Ramadhan or allowances for old folks and disabled individual.

The guidebook will also help the Department of Economic Planning and Development to monitor more accurately the population during population census activities. Among activities lined-up for World GIS Day in Brunei are an exhibition, a brief presentation on GIS as well as a workshop on the usage of GIS that will be conducted in the afternoon that will be open to the public.

World GIS Day was introduced in 1987 by the National Geographic Association Of America with the aim to increase awareness on learning and the importance of geography. GIS has long been exposed or applied in other countries and the Department of Survey felt that the nation should follow suit.