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Denver water chooses Sanborn for GIS update

Sanborn Senior Vice President Eric DesRoche today announced the company was chosen by Denver Water to update the utility’s geographic information system (GIS) data. Sanborn, a photogrammetric mapping and GIS-industry leader, will rectify Denver Water’s existing water facility GIS to real world coordinate positions. Sanborn will also correct Denver Water’s existing base map and other water utility coverages. The purpose of the project is to rectify existing ArcInfo coverages to their real world coordinate positions, thereby producing a more accurate end result. Using real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS, Sanborn will locate 62,000 water utility features. This GPS data will be used to adjust the facility data to their real world coordinates. The projection algorithm will then be used to project the existing landbase and other ArcInfo coverages. Sanborn expects to complete the work by summer 2002.