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DENR South Australia gets Fire Management Maps

Australia: Esri Australia developed Fire Management Maps for Cape Gantheaume Park on Kangaroo Island. This mapping contract was awarded by South Australia’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The maps identify fire danger zones and provide an official guide for bush fire prevention measures for the area, which was decimated by a series blazes only four years ago.

DENR Spatial Information and Geographic Information System (GIS) advisor Iain Malcolm said, “DENR looks after public land, so direct consultation and engagement with the community on park management is crucial to bush fire control. Using Esri Australia’s advanced GIS technology, we created Fire Management Maps: an interactive, online mapping application used to present the plan for public comment.”
“Previously the public would have had to view our plan physically using paper-based maps; Fire Management Maps moved that process online and added extra functions, such as being able to focus on particular zones, save individualised versions and bookmark areas of interest.”
Cape Gantheaume hosts South Australia’s most popular nature-based tourism attraction, Seal Bay, which brings in around 105,000 visitors annually, and is also home to several species of plants and animals that are either endangered or found only on the Island.
Esri Australia SA Business Manager David Trengove said the new system provided a way for DENR to communicate large volumes of information relating to fires and fire risk in a user-friendly format for public consumption.
Plans for the Central Eyre Peninsula, Northern Flinders Ranges, South Para and the Alinytjara Wilurara region in the state’s far north-west are currently being prepared, while nine more plans have been scheduled.
Source: Esri Australia