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DENR 9 announces cadastral survey plan for 2012

Philippines: The Lands Management Sector, DENR Region 9 in Philippines lined up 31 municipalities in Zamboanga Peninsula to be covered by the enhanced cadastral program for CY 2012, announced Arleigh Adorable, Regional Executive Director, during the DENR-IX, 3rd  Regional Management Conference.

Adorable informed that as per earlier instruction from higher authorities in Manila, the cadastral survey programme was originally scheduled for CY 2011-2016 will be hastened and enhanced and to be implemented within two years as directed by the Chief Executive.

The Cadastral Survey in the Philippines is a survey made of extensive areas covering an entire municipality or city consisting of several or many parcels of land undertaken for the purpose of title clearance and land registration.

Cadastral Act 2259 which govern Cadastral Survey is intended primarily for the purpose of quieting title to any land within a particular area by way of compulsory registration proceedings and thus minimises land conflicts. The owners of lots surveyed must lay claim to their holdings and must prove their ownership during the subsequent court proceedings because failure on their part to do so may give the court no choice but to declare these lands as public lands.

Agricultural development, realisation of Municipal Land Use Plan (MULP) and more accurate tax mapping, are some of the benefits that may result upon completion of Cadastral Survey in the area.

The remaining 20 municipalities of the region are scheduled to be surveyed in 2013. Meanwhile, the six cadastral projects for CY 2011 has been published and opened for bidding pursuant to RA 9184 or the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System or PhilGEPS.

Source: www.zamboangatoday.ph