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DeltaDator Spa Joins hand with Miner & Miner

Miner & Miner has announced a partnership with DeltaDator Spa, Italy. DeltaDator Spa has increased its last year’s sales by 20% and is considered one of the most important national competitors in the IT market in Italy. DeltaDator is based in Trento, Italy and is a result of six companies that specialize in software application development. The company provides banking and financial solutions for small and medium private companies, integrated information systems development for the public government, and are the only authorized Oracle education center in Italy.

Delisa is a DeltaDator business unit dedicated to the creation and implementation of software solutions for Public Administration. Delisa, one of the premier ESRI Italia business partners, will also become a Miner & Miner business partner and the first Italian distributor for Miner & Miner’s software products. Delisa works in almost all national territories through a VAR program. Besides its head office, located in Trento, Delisa has four more centers in Italy: Milan, Lecco, Napoli, and a branch in Palermo. Delisa’s GIS solutions offer a complete range of high quality services addressing specific business needs.