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DeLorme XMap GIS software selected by UPC Wind Management to decide turbine placement

Maine, USA, 25 April 2007: DeLorme announced that its XMap GIS software has been selected by UPC Wind Management, LLC to help with the optimal placement of wind turbines.

XMap is an easy-to-use mapping and GIS software suite that integrates advanced geospatial data management into DeLorme’s core GPS mapping framework. Using the 3-D terrain modeling capability found in XMap, UPC technicians are able to remotely evaluate locations for turbine placement eliminating laborious and time-consuming field work.

By integrating existing GIS data layers, UPC technicians are able to compile a more complete picture of a site, with layers such as property ownership, wind patterns, and land cover. Ultimately the availability of such a variety of information allows UPC to accurately determine the suitability of a particular site.

“XMap is ideally suited to our workflow,” said Chris Caffyn, Development Manager at UPC. “It offers the right combination of mapping tools and is straightforward enough that all of our staff can use it.”

DeLorme has 30 years of experience in cartographic mapping, and it is also a provider of GIS softwares and GPS products. DeLorme digital products are rooted in the DeLorme XMap development platform. For more information, visit www.xmap.com

UPC Wind is based in Newton, Massachusetts, which has a track record of developing, owning and operating well-sited, community-friendly wind farms that increase energy independence. Additional information on UPC can be found at www.upcwind.com.