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DeLorme releases XMAP 5.2 GIS Enterprise suite

Yarmouth, USA, September 05, 2007: DeLorme, GIS and GPS solutions company announced the release of the XMap 5.2 GIS Enterprise suite with features that put aerial imagery, recent topographic maps, and GIS layers in the GPS handheld device.

This latest XMap release supports the unique Earthmate GPS PN-20 color-screen receiver. The PN-20 delivers a unique array of data layering and display features that are indispensable for remote navigation, field data collection, and updating GIS data files.

Users can download high-resolution aerial imagery from DeLorme to their desktop or laptop PC, or import raster files in MrSID or GeoTIFF formats. The MrSID and GeoTIFF files are fully registered to the underlying map data for unerring accuracy. Both the DeLorme imagery and imported raster files can be easily transferred to the PN-20. The device’s transflective TFT bright color screen provides crystal clear resolution in any light conditions.

“Aerial imagery has gained a higher profile over recent years thanks in part to the emergence of online viewing tools,” said Geoffrey Ives, Director of Professional Sales at DeLorme. “The PN-20, when used with XMap 5.2, offers access to much of that imagery, in a mobile, handheld GPS receiver. This imagery is often freely downloadable from government agencies and organizations in MrSID or GeoTIFF format.”

A flexible multi-tiered solution, it provides exactly the right level of capabilities to three key GIS operational levels:

  • XMap 5.2 GIS Enterprise for GIS database administrators
  • XMap 5.2 GIS Editor for hands-on GIS managers
  • XMap 5.2 Professional for mobile field force technicians

    At its different levels, XMap 5.2 offers a broad array of indispensable features including geospatial querying, buffering tools, bulk geo-data import, coordinate geometry input and command line bulk import tools for advanced GIS users.