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DeLorme launches new Topo USA 4.0

DeLorme has introduced Topo USA 4.0, the latest version of this high-performance mapping software. With its detailed topographic maps of the entire U.S., combined with extensive road data, Topo USA 4.0 is ideal for off-road and highway navigation, as well as for hiking, biking, camping, and outdoor exploring. This major upgrade makes Topo USA 4.0 the only mapping software on the market that offers users automatic trail or road routing, plus the ability to add and name their own routable trails and roads. Topo USA 4.0 shows incredible amounts of details not found in ordinary road maps, including elevation contours, mountains, hills, waterways, and much more.

Topo USA 4.0 takes digital topographic mapping to new levels with more than six million miles of roads and 300,000 miles of trails in 2-D and 3-D views. The software provides instant access to detailed topographic maps of the entire U.S. on 6 CDs or one DVD for under $100. Intelligent digitally-based topographic map data provides benefits not found in raster-based images of simple scanned maps, including the ability to search for street addresses and specific map objects; create automatic trail or road routes showing elevations; and access embedded information about map features (such as the area of a lake or the type of tree coverage).

Simultaneously View Different Maps Using the New Split-Screen
Topo USA 4.0’s most advanced new feature is its versatile split-screen. This important addition opens up a whole new kind of mapping. With just one click, users can now simultaneously see and work with maps in split-screen mode, viewing side-by-side 2-D maps or 2-D and 3-D maps at the same or different magnification levels. Whether the user is drawing a new trail or tracking themselves with GPS, seeing the data simultaneously in both 2-D and 3-D brings an entirely new perspective to mapping. The split screen can be used to view additional map datasets available from DeLorme. Now, for the first time, users can view authentic USGS 7.5-minute quad map data at the same time as the Topo USA 4.0 vector topographic data. The program also includes one free NetLink download section of seamless USGS map data of the user’s choice. And, for selected states, Topo USA 4.0 users can view 2-D or 3-D map images based on current 10-meter colorized satellite imagery. The satellite imagery is available from DeLorme for an additional cost for selected states via the software’s NetLink tab and allows users to compare Topo USA 4.0 maps on one side to satellite imagery on the other.

Create and Print Custom Topographic and Street-Level Maps
Print maps in 2-D and 3-D including titles, legends, elevation profiles, and travel directions. Users can now print poster-size 2-D and 3-D mural maps using an everyday printer.

Powerful GPS Functionality including New Real-Time Tracking on 3-D Maps Now it’s possible to track your position in real time on amazing 3-D maps in addition to 2-D maps anywhere in the U.S using a laptop connected to the DeLorme Earthmater GPS receiver.

Plus, the software’s new GPS waypoint wizard makes it easy to upload and download routes using popular GPS handheld receivers from GARMIN, Magellan, Brunton, and others.

Now Bring Topo USA 4.0 Maps on Pocket PC and Palm OSr Handheld Computers New XMapr Handheld Street Atlas USAr Edition (sold separately) lets users bring topographic maps on most Pocket PC and Palm OS devices. This powerful new software includes address-to-address routing directly on the handheld. Also included is the ability to store the software and maps on removable-media. Add DeLorme Earthmate for real-time GPS navigation.

New Product Features in Topo USA 4.0 include:

  • split-screen 2-D and 3-D side-by-side map viewing with linked draw tools
  • automatic trail or road routing – A DeLorme exclusive!
  • ability to add your own new trails and roads – A DeLorme exclusive!
  • GPS tracking on 3-D and 2-D maps with DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver connected to a laptop
  • new GPS waypoint wizard for use with GARMIN, Magellan, Brunton, and other popular receivers
  • access to recent color satellite imagery and 3-D TopoQuadsr data from DeLorme for
  • side-by- side screen viewing (an additional cost of $99 per region for either dataset from DeLorme; satellite imagery available for certain states only at this time)
  • ability to bring topographic maps on Pocket PC or Palm OS handhelds using XMap Handheld Street Atlas USA software (available separately for an extra charge)