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Delhi’s biography through maps

New Delhi, India: The capital city of India, Delhi is a gateway to the country on a global stage and is a city of incredible complexity, with immense developmental changes and progress over centuries. To take the citizens and visitors of Delhi through the diversity, the multiplicity and the journey of the city down the years, Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) is presenting the exhibition Delhinama, biography of the city coinciding with the Commonwealth Games 2010 being held here. The exhibition is funded by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

Satellite imagery from ISRO depicting urban growth of Delhi

Maps and satellite images form a significant part of this exhibition. Through a series of rare maps, documents and photographs, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the times of settlers in the Stone Age who lived and hunted here; protohistoric cultures that flourished across the plains of the river Yamuna that flows through the city; the political power witnessed by the city as it became the site of at least nine capital cities from the 10th century onwards. As a centre of the colonial empire, the city bore the brunt of partition, and a continual destination for migrants across the nation. The maps presented during the exhibition document these aspects too. The modifications in the natural environs of the city over a period of time, urban growth and initiatives in urban planning have been charted through the maps. The exhibition also presents maps on historic sites and antiquities of Delhi.

The event is being held at three different venues in the city between 27 September and 23 October, 2010.

Source: Our correspondent