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Delhi to put land ownership data on GIS platform

New Delhi, India: All records, data, ownership details of properties under the jurisdiction of land & development office of Delhi State Government in India will be soon available to all state departments and civic agencies through the GIS platform of the Delhi State Spatial Data Infrastructure Project (DSSDIP). The property records includes those in Lutyens’ Delhi, and details of housing schemes, markets, community facilities, parks, roads, drainage and waterbodies under the purview of Delhi Development Authority in India. The step is seen as a move to cut red-tape in urban planning process. 
Now, tracking ownership details of properties in Lutyens’ Delhi in India to get your leasehold property converted to freehold is likely to become a hassle-free task. 
The urban development ministry has directed the land & development office and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to provide all information to the Delhi government’s information technology department so that it can be incorporated in the database. This will enable all departments to access, use and share information through secured communication networks as per the Delhi Geographical Spatial Data Infrastructure (Management, Control, Administration, Security and Safety) Act, 2011. Starting August 1, departments will be expected to submit the status of projects on the platform so that other departments can access the information and plan accordingly. 
DSSDIP is an interconnected 3-D GIS system. It involves capturing geographical and urban features for systematic coordinated urban planning, project implementation and overall governance. 
Source: TOI