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Delhi to issue electronic traffic tickets

New Delhi, India: The government of Delhi has approved the implementation of a GIS and GPRS enabled electronic traffic ticket or ‘e-challan’ system. Under the project, 1,200 mobile devices connected to a central server will initially be distributed to the Delhi Traffic Police to allow them to access driver information, print out traffic tickets, and upload violation information. The project is expected to be partially implemented by early January

The connection to the national database of traffic information will give the police access to the offence history of the driver, vehicle ownership information, and stolen vehicle notifications. This visibility will enable the police to charge repeat offenders a higher fine instead of treating everyone as a first-time offender as under the current paper-based system.

The mobile devices will be able to record the time and location of an issued ticket, and equipped with a camera to allow the police to take photos of evidence such as unauthorised emergency sirens. The printer included in the device will allow the police to print out a ticket for the offender on the spot.

The device will also be able to function offline and store up to 500 ‘challans’ in its expandable 16 GB memory and upload the information to the server when the connection is restored.

In addition to increasing efficiency for the police and discouraging repeated traffic offences, the e-challan system will also be more convenient for citizens. Drivers can pay the fine instantly by using their credit or debit cards on the mobile traffic devices instead of standing in line for hours later.

Source: FutureGov