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Delhi Police to go hi-tech, introduce GPS, computers in Police Control Room

Seeking to go hi-tech, Delhi Police is all set to introduce the Global Positioning System (GPS) and computers in the mobile Police Control Room (PCR) vehicles to help keep a check on terrorist and criminal activities in the national capital.

The growing demands, due to looming terrorist threats and changing patrolling pattern, has also prompted police to demand acquisition of 88 PCR vans in addition to the existing 338 vehicles.

The GPS will be introduced within two months, Joint Commissioner of Police (Operations) A S Khan told a press conference in New Delhi. The system when inducted would place Delhi Police at par with police forces in developed countries like the US.

The GPS, which will provide automatic positioning of each and every PCR van and display it on the screen in the central Police Control Room, will be extremely useful in operational requirements like hot pursuit of a terrorist or a criminal, Khan said.

Fitting of a computer in each PCR van will equip these vehicles with complete data and identification about terrorists and criminals and help nab them, he said. Police also proposes to introduce ‘scratch pads’ on PCR, replacing the use of keyboard for writing messages by telephone operator to wireless operator.

“It will cut short the time now being taken in writing a message and then carrying it manually to the wireless operator,” Khan said, adding the problem of writing messages in mixed languages in computer shall also be sorted out with the use of scratch pads.

Call receiving and distribution has been computerized with latest software and connected by LAN to different terminals, he said.

Calling Line Identification system has also been introduced to trace the calls made to the PCR. “This is aimed at checking the problem of hoax calls,” he said.

Source: Press Trust of India