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Delhi officials inspired by Bangalore GIS

With the recent visit of a delegation of bureaucrats from Delhi government, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to the city, a new plan to begin public private patnership has blossomed. The team that visited Bangalore for two days on September 5 and 6 was inspired by certain projects GIS mapping of roads, improved signages and bus shelters, using of detective agencies to catch water theft and outsourcing of maintenance works. The Delhi will adopt the best practices that have worked in Bangalore. The bureaucrats from Delhi government were impressed by the fact that corporate sponsorships were combined with individual expertise for public projects.

The Bangalore municipality has several reforms that have worked to increase revenue like a GIS map for every road, so that besides a clear map of the drains, number of outlets, the corporation also knows the number of shops, temporary or permenant, and the amount of revenue to expect. ‘‘There is a volunteer from each area who inspects the clearing of dhaloas and counter signs with the health officer daily,’’ an official added. The Bangalore Agenda Task force found certain practices like the mobilising of 1,300 resident welfare associations within the Bhagidari scheme and water harvesting programmes in the city inspiring. A team from the BATF will visit Delhi by month-end.