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Deimos-1, the Earth photographer

On Tuesday, July 29, it will be five years since the launch of the satellite Deimos-1, the first earth observation mission made ​​by a private Spanish company, Elecnor Deimos. Although the launch has been made ​​from the Bankonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, the soul and the head of the satellite, even during its design, were always on the company’s facilities on Boecillo Technology Park (Valladolid).

A week after getting into orbit, at a distance of 680 km away from Earth, Deimos-1 sent his first picture. Since then, in addition to capturing around 20,000 images, it has covered more than a billion kilometers, about six times the distance separating the Earth from the Sun. At a speed of 25,000 kilometers per hour, every day it completes more than 15 orbits around the Earth.

Over these five years, the satellite has become an international benchmark on the areas for which it was designed: environment, agriculture and aid in natural disasters, as evidenced by the contracts that have Elecnor Deimos, among other agencies, with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Ministry of Agriculture of France, with the governments of Paraguay and Thailand and the European Space Agency to work on a program for the Africa’s rainforests control promoted by FAO. In addition, the company participates in some way to all space missions of the European Space Agency.

Source: Leonoticias