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Definiens releases extension for ArcGIS

California, USA, 18 June 2007: Definiens unveiled its Definiens Extension for ArcGIS which allows users to combine ESRI’s GIS technology with the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite of products to better leverage the value of information contained in earth observation and remote sensing images.

Definiens extension for ArcGIS supports GIS users by providing organizations with an advanced solution for feature extraction, object recognition and change detection. In addition, data management connectivity enables Definiens’ applications to interact directly with the geodatabase. With this extension ESRI customers can enrich their GIS applications with detailed, accurate and area-wide geospatial information from modern remote sensing sensors such as aerial, satellites, SAR, LiDAR and hyperspectral sensors.

With the new tool users will get easy access to Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence suite of products for highly automated image analysis capabilities on ESRI platform with no time consuming file exchange or post-processing of automatically extracted features is necessary. In workflow it is ideal for the modular design of automated image analysis applications.

Definiens Extension for ArcGIS supports ESRI products including ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcInfo and ArcEditor. It also extends the functionality of ArcCatalog and ArcMap with automated image intelligence applications.