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Defense Information Agency selects private firm for data storage

US: US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has awarded a $45 million non-competitive contract to Alliance Technology Group to develop a large data object (LDOS) cloud service capable of storing exabytes of data on “hundreds of billions” of imagery files.

The secure intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) cloud will be accessible across networks and will be used to store a variety of ISR data, including wide-area motion imagery, standard and high-definition full-motion video, and images in hyperspectral, laser imaging detection and ranging (LiDAR), electro-optical/infrared and synthetic aperture radar formats.

Some of the data to be stored include full-motion video files from drones and satellites, including data from the Air Force’s Gorgon Stare wide-area surveillance sensor system, which uses nine drone-mounted video cameras that can capture motion imagery of an entire city. DISA also wants the cloud to be capable of storing geospatial data from iPads and smartphones.

DISA said the ISR storage Cloud will exceed an exabyte, or 1 million terabytes, within the next few years and “may grow to 3-4 exabytes in the out years,” in a memo from the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization-National Capital Region posted April 4th on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Source: GCN