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Defence signs $16.5m landmark geospatial technology deal

Australia, November 21, 2014: Australia’s Department of Defence has signed a three-year $16.5 million agreement with Esri Australia under which the company will provide more than 65,000 military and civilian personnel with access to GIS technology.

The partnership will see the use of Esri GIS technology extended across the entire Defence enterprise, at fixed and deployed locations globally. The agreement will see Esri Australia provide the Department of Defence with broad access to software, services, support and training – utilising local and international technical expertise.

Stressing that the agreement put the Department of Defence at the forefront of GIS deployment globally, Esri Australia’s Managing Director, Brett Bundock, said, “This new agreement reaffirms Defence’s commitment to continue innovating with this software,” Bundock said.

“Under this new approach, GIS technology will serve as a key enabler of Defence warfighter, intelligence and corporate capabilities over the next three years. The partnership will deliver advanced geospatial and mapping capabilities across the entire Defence organisation – facilitating greater collaboration, quicker analysis, more robust planning and, ultimately, superior decision-making.”

Esri Australia’s National Security Lead Simon Hill said in addition to facilitating the creation of a true enterprise-wide GIS, the arrangement would also enable Defence to better leverage its significant investment in other technology platforms. “One of the strengths of GIS technology is its ability to integrate with other core business platforms – including SAP, IBM and Microsoft,” said Hill.

“This may assist Defence to achieve its goal of rationalising software types and versions across the organisation; and reduce the administrative overhead of enterprise software acquisition and its ongoing management.”

Source: Esri