Deere launches series of precision farming products

Deere launches series of precision farming products


US: John Deere has launched several new precision agriculture technologies including a new telematics system, JDLink, GreenStar 3 family of displays, the StarFire 3000 GNSS Receiver and iGrade and iSteer.

“The GreenStar 3 and the new GreenStar 3 2630 display is the new generation of GreenStar displays,” explained Jake Stein from John Deere. “We have new features like video capability, access manager, operator lock-outs, user friendly standby mode and more.”

One of the key new features of the displays is its video feature. Stein said that having video is a huge advantage especially as operations and machinery keep getting bigger and bigger and the operators need more eyes on their machines. The video allows them to see more and in real-time.

The new GreenStar displays will be shipped from early 2011. For those who have been using other displays, such as the GS2 display, the new GreenStar technology can be clubbed with their current system.

Another new product is the StarFire 3000, which is a new receiver replacing the StarFire ITC. “It has got great new features like GLONASS, so we get more satellites. We now have the third access in our TCM that we can calibrate to allow autotrack to perform better in the field,” said Stein.

Source: Precision Pays