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deCarta updates its L2 geospatial search engine with support for Japanese

US: deCarta has unveiled significant updates to its L2 Geospatial Search Engine (L2) and the expansion of availability to 144 countries worldwide. According to the company’s press release, L2 is deCarta’s advanced single line local search and geocoding engine that has had recent success replacing Google search at major mobile and telematics service providers. It is a key component of deCarta’s LBS platform that provides specialised geospatial technologies for maps, routing, navigation, geocoding, local search and geo-data integration and processing. During October, deCarta and TomTom partnered on the data aspect for the L2 Geospatial Search Engine (L2).

deCarta L2 Geospatial Search Engine demo local search for shopping in USA, Princeton area, New Jersy

deCarta's Location Based Service (LBS) platform architecture scales to support billions of maps and local searches, as well as millions of users per month. With L2, customers can index and search on premium map content and Points of Interest (POI) from all leading content suppliers globally, as well as their own custom content. The latest release adds the ability to search in Japanese, making deCarta one of just three companies that provide detailed search and map display capabilities for Japan in a global index. Additional enhancements include wild card search and structured geocoding for those that prefer that model as opposed to L2’s standard free-form approach.

L2 has replaced Google’s local search engine at multiple telematics service providers and mobile device manufacturers in the past three months, and with our latest updates and extended global reach, we continue to solidify our position as the leading independent global LBS platform technology company,” said J Kim Fennell, CEO, deCarta.