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deCarta unveils API for mapping and location services

San Jose, US: deCarta Inc., a mapping and geo-services provider, announced its third generation JavaScript API for mapping and location services, offering mobile and on-line customers the ability to break their dependence on the big mapping platforms which potentially encroach on their business strategies. deCarta’s new API supports a range of options from turn-key location services (mapping, geocoding, routing and local search) for fast deployment, all the way to fully customisable source code for customers wishing to implement proprietary features and map styles. This allows online platforms and applications to location-enable their offerings while maintaining total control of their data, their user base and their monetisation potential.

There has been a recent recognition among on-line and mobile sites that, while services like Google Maps are very good, there are also numerous compromises that come with using these generic platforms. Increasingly, both large and small developers are looking for Map API alternatives that provide them with:

-The ability to customize and differentiate their location services
-Provide access to more advanced functions than offered by Google Maps’ API
-Their own branding, not that of a potential competitor
-Control over the way their content is used
-The ability to monetize the service themselves as opposed to being a publisher for others

“In the last six months, we have seen a strong market trend towards location services that can be tuned and targeted wholly to a company sites’ brand, content and business model. This has resulted in many hundreds of new developers signing up to our DevZone,” said J. Kim Fennell, President and CEO of deCarta. “Our new API makes it that much easier for these developers to build and deploy the creative location services that they want.”

Source: deCarta