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deCarta partners with GlobeXplorer for aerial and satellite imagery capability

San Francisco, 4 October 2006: deCarta and GlobeXplorer have announced a partnership enabling deCarta customers to leverage high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery in their LBS applications.

The partnership between the two companies addresses the next-generation of LBS application feature enrichment for a wide range of markets including real estate, travel, Internet, government and business intelligence.

Through the partnership, deCarta customers will be able to easily create location-based applications that overlay spatial and complementary customer-generated data onto GlobeXplorer imagery. Applications can be developed through deCarta’s no-cost Developer Zone, and commercially deployed through either deCarta’s Hosted Web Services, a state-of-the-art, professionally-managed hosting environment or by licensing and deploying deCarta’s market-proven Drill Down Server geospatial software platform. deCarta and GlobeXplorer have collaborated on a seamless interface between deCarta’s Web services API and GlobeXplorer’s Image Server within the deCarta AJAX framework. This enables easy generation of “hybrid” maps such as the overlay of road network data on top of satellite imagery.

“Maps and imagery are now the defacto visual reference point for spatially-oriented search and information,” said J. Kim Fennell, president and CEO of deCarta. “The combination of GlobeXplorer imagery and deCarta technology opens new horizons for our customers to significantly expand the scope of their applications in ways that provide a high degree of real-world visual context and value to their end-users.”

California based firm deCarta is a geospatial software platform that powers Location-Based Services (LBS) applications such as those deployed at Google Maps, Yahoo, Ask.com, Verizon and Sprint.

GlobeXplorer LLC is a geographic data integration and publishing company providing online access to the world’s largest commercial library of aerial photos, satellite imagery, geographic maps, and real property information. GlobeXplorer owns AirPhotoUSA, a high quality aerial imagery provider. GlobeXplorer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp.