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deCarta Navigation Software Developer Kit launched

San Jose, California, 4 December 2006 – deCarta (formerly Telcontar), the supplier of software platforms and services for the Location-Based Services (LBS) industry, announced today the launch of the deCarta Navigation Software Developer Kit (SDK).

The new developer kit enables personal navigation device and smart phone manufacturers to build and bring to market customized and differentiated navigation applications. The SDK also provides the manufacturer the freedom and ability to reinforce their brand with a customizable look and feel.

deCarta’s Navigation SDK builds on the company’s Rich Map Engine — the same underlying gold-standard technology broadly deployed by today’s leading Internet, wireless and navigation solution providers such as Google, Ask.com, Verizon and Sprint. Combining routing speed and an array of navigation capabilities, deCarta’s Navigation SDK allows for introduction of products with attractive functionality.

Navigation functionality supported by the SDK includes:
– Fast route calculations, supporting drivers preference for shortest, fastest, avoid toll roads, and avoid freeways along with support for time-of-day turn restrictions
– Multi-point routing
– Efficient ways to select a street address or desired point-of-interest as a destination
– Easy to understand 2D and 3D maps with preferred points-of-interest shown along a highlighted route
– Guidance to ensure that as the route is followed, timely, appropriate, and generated in an easy to understand text, voice, and graphical information about a pending maneuver
– Patented algorithms to accurately determine a vehicle position eliminating GPS errors and ambiguity

As the industry moves toward connected navigation to improve user experience and brand loyalty, deCarta’s Navigation SDK provides future migration to dynamic on-board navigation applications giving users up-to-the-minute traffic, road, weather and local search by linking the mobile unit to deCarta’s flagship Drill Down Server&trade — already powering some of the most successful location-based service applications on the market.

The Navigation SDK also ensures application compatibility with new releases of the underlying route engine, while providing a uniform data model to enable the use of best-in-class map data from multiple vendors without impacting application performance.

deCarta’s Navigation SDK is a comprehensive development suite with software, sample code, sample data and complete documentation. The SDK provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing all of the functions required to create customized navigation applications, allowing customers to bypass the “trial and error” phase, reduce development time, and bring products to market faster. To help accelerate development, sample applications in source code that illustrate the use of all the navigation functionality supported will be provided to developers.

The Navigation SDK will be generally available for WinCE in Q1 2007 and for Linux in Q2 2007. For more product information, visit www.decarta.com/products/navsdk/index.html.

California based firm deCarta is a geospatial software platform that powers Location-Based Services (LBS) applications such as those deployed at Google Maps, Yahoo, Ask.com, Verizon and Sprint.