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deCarta in partnership with SimpleGeo

US: SimpleGeo and deCarta has announced a partnership at the Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose, California. It will allow location-based application developers to use deCarta’s maps and search technologies to easily access and display geospatial data stored in the SimpleGeo Storage Engine. Customers will be able to define a point, a line or a complex area on a map, then retrieve data relevant to that area from SimpleGeo’s rich data layers. Linked Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from the companies will allow this capability to be deployed quickly and without a long development time.

deCarta’s MapSearch technology allows a user to go beyond simple queries about data around a point to include more complex local searches, such as information along a street, in a neighborhood or ahead of you on a route. Such searches can filter information to make it more relevant and useful to a user. Users will then be able to search the fast-growing SimpleGeo Marketplace for information based on these searches and get those results returned on a map to either a mobile application or a browser.

Matt Galligan, CEO of SimpleGeo, said, “As datasets grow, it is critical that our customers have more visually-oriented ways to search and select from that data. deCarta has continued to develop more sophisticated local search capabilities and that makes them a natural partner for us.”

J. Kim Fennell, President and CEO of deCarta, said, “Local, often specialised data sets have become a differentiating factor for many businesses and applications. SimpleGeo’s model of providing easy creation, storage and access is clearly in step with this need. Our MapSearch technology was developed specifically for use on large and varied geodata.”