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Deal on geographical indications

Moldova: The European and Moldova concluded negotiations on geographical indications (GIs). It provided Moldova with “a high level protection” of more than 3,200 European GIs for food products, wines and spirits, the European Commission’s statement said. Moldova is the second European (EU) neighbourhood country after Georgia to sign a geographical indications agreement with the EU.

Ukraine has been negotiating it as part of its ongoing talks on a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA). The issue is one of the main bones of contention between Kiev and Brussels. Ukraine pushes for the introduction of transitional periods and adequate compensations for companies, which it argues will lose their right to produce and sell Ukrainian champagne, cognac or cahor wine. The EU, on the other hand, insists on the adoption of the principle of full protection of all GIs protected on its market (almost 3,000).

About the deal with Moldova, Dacian Ciolos, the commissioner for agriculture, said, “This agreement is a further step in strengthening our system of GIs around the world, and it also gives relations between the EU and the Republic of Moldova a new, positive dynamic. It builds a stronger partnership, aiming at promoting and protecting quality products.”

Moldova is a traditional wine producing country. According to the Commission, “the development of the GIs should significantly contribute to the diversification of this sector”. The EU executive underlines that the initial protection of two wine GIs originating from Moldova is expected to help the marketing of these products in the EU.

The agreement will now be passed on to the Council and the European Parliament – and to the legislative authorities in Moldova – for ratification before its final entry into force.

Source: www.europolitics.info